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Dodgy Dogs | Twin Pack

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Match the #DodgyDogs by action or by size until you have no cards left! ūüź∂ Dodgy Dogs is brilliantly illustrated with over 50 dogs brought to life¬†by Jean Jullien including¬†15 Special Cards for extra twists and turns. It's easy to learn and fun for all ages.

The ideal gift for families, dog lovers, tabletop game enthusiasts, art and design aficionados and anyone in between!

'Dodgy Dogs might just be your new¬†favourite card game.' ‚Äď Highsnobiety

The Twin Pack contains:
1x Red Pack and 1x Blue Pack consisting of 55 cards each, printed on Superluxe, poker-sized cards (the really nice ones) & rules pamphlet.

One deck of 55 cards is recommended for 2-5 players. For a larger group, use 2 packs shuffled together. Quick to pick up and relies on both luck and strategy to win!

How to play Dodgy Dogs

 Printed and made in Belgium. 

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